About Us

The UTC Cyber Group is a collective of cyber UTCs across England, supported and guided by leading organisations in this sector. With 15 UTCs now signed up and committed to delivering specialist cyber education, either within the curriculum, or as an enrichment activity, we are building the capability to deliver a steady pipeline of young students into apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships, and specialist degrees.


Through the collaboration of industry and Cyber UTCs within the UTC Cyber Group, we enable UTC students to develop the skills, society, preparing them to start their career in a Digital world.


Working in collaboration with the Cyber UTCs across the UK, the cyber security industry is able to bridge the security resource & skills gap that our organisations face, and better help to protect today’s society from cyber threats.

By joining the UTC Cyber group, your organisation benefits from having access to the next generation of students – the future talent pool.  These students are interested in the cyber world as it evolves. A business relationship will support the mentoring and nurturing of enthused students who are engaged in the very latest technology disruptions.